Your choice of jurisdiction

Luxembourg continues to develop as the leading EU investment fund domicile for both UCITS and Alternative Funds. The growth in assets under management is accelerating, not just due to new sales and increasing valuations but also fuelled by the implementation of the AIFMD, which is redefining custody, reporting, risk management and distribution for AIFs. We can help you stay on top of the wave of regulatory developments for alternative investments.

The C4F team is here to help you capitalize on the benefits of the jurisdiction not just in terms of selecting your other service providers but to advise you on how the credibility of Luxembourg can be a significant tool for funds wishing to distribute to other markets.

The Luxembourg government and regulator frequently act in such a way to ensure that the jurisdiction remains at the forefront of new EU regulatory developments. We work with our clients to identify and exploit the benefits of these developments in line with the strategy of your fund.