Services for you

Casa4Funds acts as Third Party Sponsor and Management Company for your Luxembourg fund. We serve all types of funds (UCITS, non-UCITS, AIFs, SIF-Specialised Investment Funds, SICAR-Venture capital funds etc).

Once you engage us as your Third Party Management Company, your investment objectives become ours.

Your third party management company

Casa4Funds is home to your Luxembourg-based collective investment scheme, whether you choose to opt for the UCITS standard or more selective and confidential distribution networks.

Casa4Funds hosts regulated European investment funds and schemes managed in co-operation with third party investment managers and advisors. As we are fully independent, this assures the absence of potential conflicts of interest between you and us.

Casa4Funds acts as third-party sponsor of your fund vis-à-vis the Luxembourg regulators, providing you with a one-stop shop solution that allows you to focus exclusively on your business.