Our People

For more than 10 years, Casa4Funds has specialized in fund management, so did our team that developed an extensive knowledge about the regulation, fund management, the market place and its players.


Composed of about 30 people, our team is divided between our Luxembourg and Lugano (Switzerland) offices.
In line with our entrepreneurial spirit, we believe that our values and talents combined exponentially match our philosophy. Split in 4 different units with their respective leaders, they all have the expertise to answer to our clients’ needs from Legal to Risk management, from Fund Monitoring to Investment Management.

Members of the Executive Committee

  • Arnaud Bouteiller
    General Manager
    Executive Committee Member
  • Margherita Balerna Bommartini
    Branch Manager
    Conducting Officer
    Executive Committee Member
  • Céline Gutter
    Head of Compliance
    Executive Committee Member
  • Robert Zagorski
    Head of Fund Services
    Executive Committee Member
  • Richard Maisse
    Head of Private Equity & Real Estate
    Executive Committee Member

Throughout our history the integration and training of new talents have always been a key point, we are proud to have a multicultural and dynamic team able to fullfil any client request.
With no doubt our main asset is our team.