Casa4Funds was incorporated in 2005 in response to the growing demand for Third Party Sponsors and Management Companies following the dramatic expansion of UCITS’ investment possibilities, distribution networks, and popularity as a regulated yet efficient domicile.

The introduction of the UCITS law incited the need for management companies such as Casa4Funds to provide services to regulate these changes and make sure that funds remain compliant to the new laws.

Casa4Funds responded quickly to meet the demands required by the 2010 UCITS law and soon became a reputable and well-established company for providing services to UCITS funds.

Over the course of 10 years in Luxembourg Casa4Funds has experienced and overcome many significant financial events and obstacles. Casa4Funds chose to respond to the financial crisis as an opportunity to grow, change and to do things differently, which is what the market cried out for and is desperately needed. This ability to adapt and work differently is what makes Casa4Funds stand out in Luxembourg. We pride ourselves on being able to provide alternative solutions to our clients.

Now nearing its 10-year anniversary, Casa4Funds is a well-established small to mid-sized firm, with 29 employees across 2 countries, 18 in Luxembourg and 11 in Lugano, Switzerland. The target market is Europe, particularly London and Italy but also with some presence in Asia and South America, with the main areas of work being in risk, legal and compliance.

2014 sees significant positive changes for the company, as it acquires a new main shareholder, Banor Capital Limited, a new head office in Luxembourg, and its AIFM licence.